Yellowtail Shoot Out! 7 day on the Independence.

by Joel "Booko" Serrano

Boil! Boil!

So the initial plan was to fish Alijos Rocks for those big grumpy forks. That plan got nixed due to hurricanes building up near Cabo and eventually would affect the conditions down near Alijos Rocks. So we opted to fish for the elusive Bluefin 160 from Point Loma. According to the report from the spotter plane that was out the day before, their were massive schools of tuna. The first stop was the bait barge where we spent an hour or so loading some primo cured Sardines and Mackerel. After about an hour or so the bait tanks and the slammers were loaded and off we went. 16 hours later we were in the zone where the Bluefin was spotted a day before. Captain Matt sent the Deck Tech to the bird nest with the scopes.  Right away we all new it was going to be a difficult time with 15- 20 mile an hour wind gust and 5 -10 foot swells pounding us from side to side. After a couple of hours of searching, Captain Matt opted to forfeit the current plan and head 300 miles south for the Ridge. Got to the Ridge after a 35 hour bumpy ride. We ended up running and gunning from school to school of Yellowtail ranging in size from 5 - 49 pounds. After a day and a half of this, everyone had limits of fun and fish. Captain Matt decides to head back to the Bluefin grounds to get redemption. We got in the zone the next day and the Excel and Indy decided to work together to try and put some numbers up on these picky specimens. Unfortunately  after much hard work and running and gunning from massive school to antother massive school, we came up empty handed. The Bluefin basically gave us the "Fin". We dusted ourselves off, pointed the boat to the barn.