Trophy Bluefin

by Jay

With Bluefin tuna exceeding 200 pounds just offshore provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to get one of these trophy fish. And every sport fishing landing up and down the California coast as well as private boaters are all jockeying for position to battle these monsters. Everyone hunting these bruisers are getting lots of chances at landing one of these big boys but, unfortunately their have been more casualties than victories due to guys and gals coming out under-gunned. Reports of huge sonar schools are not uncommon but, trying to get the school to react has proven no easy task. The captains that are getting these huge schools to react are hooking them but few are landing them. One of the boats out of Point Loma Sport Fishing had an early morning bite in the dark yesterday. Three anglers hooked 3 fish and right away they knew these we're giants. 20 minutes into the fight, one of the anglers reel wobbled off the rod and the other 2 fish sawed each other off. The crew had to hand line the only fish left while they worked on getting the reel secured back to the rod. Once the reel was secured, the captain had to put the boat in gear and chase the monster down. In the end, the crew sunk 2 gaffs in the fish and pulled it over the rail. At the docks the fish weighed in over 250 pounds.