Mixed Bag

by Joel Myhal

Boil! Boil!

Onshore expert Joel Mayhal reports an epic morning of fishing.  Joel met up with my buddy Jerry Luce at zero dark thirty to scout out some areas. Had a few spots that looked good, but continued walking around and Jerry picked out an amazing area to fish. Every cast produced very nice Calicos.  According to Joel, as soon as the lure hit the water you would get slammed! He started with the Lucky Craft 115 Surf Pointer Metallic Sardine. Joel commented the bite was insane! One of those rare days when memories are made. Mornings like this don't come often and when they do it's such a great feeling. So much fun was had! And the best part they had the beach all to their selves! After about 8 solid Calicos in a row, the hooks got dull. Joel swapped the Surf Pointer out with a Flash Minnow in Golden Pineapple pattern and on the first cast he gets hammered. After a few solid runs in the surf, Joel subdues a 24.5 in inch Halibut.