Halibut Galore for the Halibut Hunter

by Joel Myhal

With the Halibut spawning in the shallows, avid Halibut hunter Joel reports a nice morning to be out Halibut hunting on the sand.  According to Joel the waters we're definitely fishy looking and lots of activity in the water. There were tons of Leopard sharks cruising around in the shallows as big as 4 feet long and massive amounts of Stingrays hugging the sand looking for a quick meal. With the sharks and the stingrays close by it definitely shook him up a bit. Regardless of the harmless Leopards, the Stingrays will put a hurting on you. Joel stayed focused on locating the Halibut and once he figured out the pattern, it did not take long to connect. He reports catching 2 Halibut, one was 1/4 of inch from being legal. The second one taped out at 22.5 inches and made it to the dinner table. Both fish were caught on the "Lucky Craft Minnow 110 Zebra MS Ghost Minnow"