Epic Halibut on the sand.

by Joel Myhal

Boil! Boil!

Joel Myhal reports an Epic morning on the sand! Redemption! Everything just lined up perfect this morning for success on these beautiful specimens . Based on Joel's experience the Halibut are in close and getting ready for the Grunion runs! All he needed this morning was one lure. Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 Anchovy Venus. Ended the session with 4 legal Halibut. 22 inch, 22.5 inch, 24.5 inch, and very fatty 27 inch Halibut. Joel states he started in the dark and finished just after first light. He says the fatty 27 inch Halibut made 4 to 5 solid runs before he was able to beach her. These are the type of mornings you just dream about as an angler. Not to mention they were all caught from the sand. According to Joel he ran into a fellow Halibut Hunter as he was leaving and on his first cast stuck a 28 inch halibut. Lol Good times! Kept 2 Halibut and let the 2 others go.