About Us



BOIL was founded in Riverside, California. Born and raised in Oceanside California, fishing was instilled in me as young kid. For the past 35 years I've fished the piers, jetties, along the beaches, charter boats up and down the California coast and deep into Baja Mexico. Along that journey I was fortunate to experience first-hand the fishing industry evolve from a culture to the lifestyle it is today.

BOIL is the apex moment when passion meets thrill on a fisherman's quest! A BOIL is a disturbance on the surface caused by big fish chasing little fish. A BOIL is when you're in a wide open tuna bite and they're crashing 360 degrees around the boat, "BOILING" on everything that hits the water. A BOIL is when you're casting your favorite top water bait and a monster fish completely breaches the water attacking your bait. A BOIL evokes emotions and excitement. 

Whether you fish saltwater, freshwater, inshore or offshore, our mission is to deliver quality apparel and accessories to all breeds of anglers around the world. Boil apparel is designed with simplicity and made to wear inshore, offshore, and onshore so you can sport our gear on any occasion.

                                                                                      "Live To Fish"

                                                         Team Boil